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What is SSL?

SSL is the acronym for Secure Sockets Layer; SSL is basically a standard technology at the back of creating an encrypted connection linking the web server, which in other words could be described as a Host, and the web browser, which is the client. Well, this connection between the web server and the web browser makes certain that all the data which is following between them stay confidential and private. Secure Sockets Layer is the company standard and it has millions of users, which use on their websites to secure their online dealings with their clientele.  When the users visit a certain website which has Https:// above in the address toolbar that means you are establishing a private connection using the Secure Socket Layer.  In case you are owner of an E-shop or put up-for-sale your stuff on your site, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) will definitely help you in establishing reliance with your clientele.

Why using the SSL certificate is so important for your website?

Well, with a Secure Socket Layer certificate it establishes an encrypted connection linking the Web-server (host) and the Web-browser (client). This indicates that any data which is sent-out between the web browser and the server cannot be comprehended devoid of firstly being carefully decrypted.  SSL guards your data from being under surveillance by the third-party on the inter-web for the reason that the third party will certainly not be able to comprehend the encrypted data which is going back and forth between the web server and the web browser.

There are only some steps that arise when you try to create a private connection.  Well, the following are synopsis of the few steps:

  • You type-in or choose the protected URL (e.g. “”)
  • The Host (web-server) accepts your request and afterwards submits an answer which tries to create a secure connection between the web server and the web browser. Which is known as “SSL Handshake”
  • Afterwards the verification of the SSL with the help of the SSL handshake, the transferred data between the web browser and web server is encrypted to make it personal and safe.

Whilst the information of the Secure Socket Layer protocol is not show to the guests, a lot of browsers will show a padlock or some sort of other symbol of identification right in the address bar of the website. This basically means you are being protected by an encrypted session of the Secure Socket Layer. In case you require some further details of the certificate of Secure Socket Layer, you will be able to do that by just right clicking on the padlock on the address bar.

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