Why choose bserver.com for your web hosting?

If you happen to launch a website soon, then matters like web hosting need to be dealt with properly. In this regard, you should seek our service which is the best web hosting and domain registrar company respectively.

Bserver even extends services to small businesses and helps you with your SSL certificates as well. There are many reasons for choosing Bserver and they are given as under.

  1. Money-Back Guarantee
  2. Backups
  3. 99.9% Uptime
  4. cPanel
  5. Secure

There are three prominent advantages for using Bserver and they are as follows.

  1. Professional and Simple Design Themes

Bserver set up is integrated with an intuitive user interface which is easy to use. The tools that are present are drag and drop which can be easily positioned at any place on the website. About three hundred or so themes can be looked into and anyone can be selected to give a cool and attractive look to your website. Moreover, the design and the layout can be adjusted too.

  1. Function Restoration and Back up Points Creation

Through the Bserver website builder you can make backup copies of the website as and when needed. In this way multiple copies of the website can be saved in case there is an error and the website needs to be restored quickly.

The backup feature is a powerful function which is not being provided by other web hosting companies at all. It can even enable you to edit the changes that you accidentally saved respectively.

  1. Excellent Customer Support 24/7 and whole year

At any time of the day in any given week or month, you can be assured of prompt action to your query or questions. You can get connected to an agent in five to ten minutes which is quick indeed. Not only a call, you can start a live chat online or even submit a support ticket and then receive a response within fifteen hours as well.

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